2016 on the ideological spectrum, Part 7

What’s interesting about this is the differences between the two parties. The GOP is more clustered, but also has outliers (Rand Paul and Jon Huntsman are the biggest examples, but Chris Christie, Condoleezza Rice, Scott Brown, Peter King, and, surprisingly, Susana Martinez seem a little off the mark for their party.)

The Democrats, while not clustered in the same spot, go in one group, a loosely defined line, with the seemingly strange exception of Newark mayor Cory Booker, but trust me, he’s more conservative than he seems.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg awkwardly sits somewhat off to the side, not fitting with any party, appropriate given his status as a relatively conservative independent governing a bastion of liberalism. It’s easy to explain why former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson lost the GOP primaries and the general election in 2012, both embarrassingly so: He’s extremely far from all the other candidates. Jill Stein looks like an extension of the Democrats, except there’s a bit of a gap between her and the Democrats’ far-left candidates.

So, an interesting waste of two hours on my part. If you have any suggestions to add to the chart, put it in the comments.


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